Not a dream

So you get up and turn off your alarm clock…

…groggily check your phone and fall back to sleep…

and once again you’re in a dream where you’re with people who want to be around you

and they laugh at your jokes and non-jokes

and share your interests and listen to your insights

and see how hard you work on everything that matters to you

and appreciate the things you forgot about yourself

and don’t shame you for whatever you feel, regardless of rationality

and want you to be yourself, yet improve

and tease you to make you laugh

and make you feel beautiful (especially when you don’t)

and are willing to point your flaws in a respectful manner

and remind you it’s okay to be weak sometimes

and it’s definitely okay to cry

and some things are not your fault

and if they are your fault, maybe this or that solution will help? But it’s okay to cry for now…

and share to you perspectives that you didn’t consider

and help you pick at a problem, that shouldn’t even matter to them

and are open to you about their struggles

and make you feel like you really know them

and inspire you to travel the world to meet them one day

and are willing to connect to you regardless of time or distance, because it’s the connection that matters

and are willing to adjust for you, even if it means being uncomfortable for a sec or more

and try to see things from your point of you

and they might people who have hardly anything in common with you, but they make you feel less alone…

So you open your eyes again, not sure if it’s a dream, and check your phone.

And all of them are there laughing, sending you articles, gifs, hearts, and hugs. They’re real and they always have been.

And you smile because they probably don’t how they help you get up in the morning.

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