Bad day. It happens.

How do I pick myself up if I can’t admit I’ve fallen?

I’m crawling on my hands and knees looking up, pretending I’m walking. How idiotic.

I’ll just flat out say it: I’ve had a shit day. The shittiest in a long, long time. The kind of day when you ask yourself: what the fuck did I do to end up here when I’ve been doing my best?

The kind of day where you’re walking on a tightrope and people are egging you on to fall. The kind of day where being misunderstood is the theme. And the where you’ve cried so much that you feel more like nothing than usual.

Well, I’m hosting a pity party tonight. Party of one. Setting: on my bed. Party favors? Tissues, sad poetry and an open notebook ready to jot down all the angst. Sounds? Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance turned up until my ears bleed.

#angstyteenagerforlife #makinglightofafuckedupsituation #mydoctorsappointmentdidn’tgowell


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