My Passions (8)

My passions are intertwined and I truly do find joy in sharing my passions.

  1. Psychology/MBTI/Philosophy – This is where most of my thoughts lie lately. I started getting seriously into psychology in 2014, MBTI late 2015 and maybe I’ve always been into philosophy. At least, I’ve always been thinking and questioning my beliefs and why I believe them.
  2. Literature/Writing – My earliest passion. I could read at 3 years old and by the time I was in 3rd grade I was reading classic novels. I love books and although I get overwhelmed by the number of books that I want to read, I still try my best to expand my knowledge through literature. Writing is more of a recent passion. I started in 2014 just on my phone. I would email rants to myself whenever I was upset and now I write all the time. I write in journal apps, here on wordpress and in journals in real life. It kinda overwhelms me to think that I will eventually have to compile all my writing.
  3. Science/Learning – I love science. It really brings me joy when things make sense and there is an explanation for why and how things are. I hope I never lose my lust for learning and that I’ll always keep my brain sharp.
  4. Helping people – It really brings joy to my heart to think that I’ve helped someone. It’s an odd drug, but I do feel fulfilled when I know that I’ve done something that made someone’s day.
  5. Yoga/Physical Shit – I saved this for last because it’s a recent passion. I’ve only done yoga since last year and I love it. I feel as though it’s a calming and healing physical activity for me. Recently, I’ve been more passionate at taking care of my health and body.



6 thoughts on “My Passions (8)

    1. Hmmmm, I’ve only met 2 confirmed INFJs in my life and they both have passions of some sort…

      Have you?

      I would imagine an INFJ with no passion to feel more lost than most…


      1. I currently know one, and that’s what I asked as well — whether they feel lost (to which the response was “yes”). My interpretation of the circumstances is that they grew up in a strongly SJ environment/culture, so they’re quite an ISFJ sort of INFJ and are, thus, stifled (whether they’re aware of it or not). I find it rather sad as I see so much potentiality in the INFJ personality type to help make the world a better place, essentially.


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