Falling off the wagon

Maintenance for an iNtuitive is tough work. I naturally wake up NOT wanting to do Se, or Si.

It’s so tempting to just dive back into the last Ni thing you were thinking about and spend the rest of the day daydreaming, contemplating, staying in bed and doing nothing.

Lately, I’ve been forgoing Si, just to make up for my Se. Whenever I go to a harder yoga class, I always feel ‘great’ internally because I know it’s really good for me but the rest of my body can’t take it. I leave a lot of people on seen (sorry for those who worry about that) because I don’t have the patience for Fe. I can’t study or plan, nixing Ti or Te.

Reaching self-duality is hard shit. I really won’t deny that. I wish I had the energy of an Se dom. I just feel like a corpse reanimated by coffee.

I’ll probably take it easy on the Se for the next few days so I can establish my Si, THEN getting back on track with Ti/Te.



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