INFJ Rant: Dealing with Low-key Narcissism

Narcissism is a touchy subject for me because I’m very familiar with it. I’ve seen it at it’s mildest and at its worst form. I’ve seen tendencies within myself and within other people.

And the center of it all is our deep rooted insecurities. We want the validation that we’re not as bad as our deepest insecurities paint us to be. People with narcissistic traits want to protect themselves with their ego.

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The Cost

The cost of understanding you is to lose myself.

Who I am is the lifeboat at the surface of the water. Who you are is the ocean. I need to swim, explore, and dive. Every time I dive, I need to go deeper.

At times, I feel myself rapidly losing oxygen and I have to hurry to the surface and stay in my lifeboat.

And when I’m ready, I’ll dive once more.