I know why you’re here.

I know why you’re here.

You’re here because I’m great at listening, right? I’m here for you, just when you need me.

I’ve been listening to you for a while now and I feel like you’ve said all that you needed to say… but you have more to say? Okay, I’ll listen some more.

Oh wow, you’re asking about me? Just kidding, you’re asking so that you can transition to a topic that you want to talk about, not because you’re actually interested in what I’m talking about.

I’ll try something new, how about we talk about this? No? Boring? I understand. That thing you talked about earlier wasn’t my cup of tea either but I listened because it seemed to make you happy.

Is this what friendship really is? You talk. I listen. I sympathize. I empathize. I care. I comfort. Man, why is this so tiring for me to do the right thing? Does this even help you?

Oh, so you need some empathy? Can’t find that commonly anymore can you? As we grow older, it seems as though fewer people want to give it, I’m starting to realize why.

I know you have problems and you need a ‘friend’ to listen to you… but why does it feel so heavy on my part to help you. I also have a life, problems, and issues I need to deal with. I know you’re not a great a listener as I am. I’m not going to hold you accountable for that.

Honestly, being around you is optional. I don’t need to bother myself with things I can’t control, feelings I can’t control and people who just take. I’m not asking for anything except the decency of reciprocity.


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