Bearing other burdens

Complaining. It’s the easiest form of release. Just note and criticize everything wrong with the world, your life and everyone around you.

Your family doesn’t care. You friends couldn’t care less. You work is shit. Life is pointless. Everything is hard. Why can’t it be easy? Why can’t everything be fun and happy? Why is my life like this and why does everyone seem to have things figured out but I don’t? Why am I so unhappy?

Well… you laid it out there. Now we know all the contributing factors to your unhappiness. What can we do about it?

… and this is where I lose a lot of people. They close up. Because many of us don’t want to do anything. Our family should adjust for us. Our friend should care more. Working should be made fun. Life would have a point if someone would help us out with it.

Life seems easier if you can just say how hard it is… but why can’t complaining be also used to problem solve? Why do people just want to pass on their problems to another person but don’t even have the intentions of fixing it? Managing it? If you spend less time complaining and more time problems solving, how different would your life be?

I’m by default a listener. I will listen  A LOT. But fuck, I do get tired when I hear people complain over and over again about the same things. It’s almost like they don’t want to put effort toward a solution. It’s easier to complain as a form of release instead of thinking and working towards solutions.

I really do want to help people. I know that listening helps. If I could, I would help them find a solution to manage or end the problem in the first place. But there is a limit to my empathy, my kindness, and my counseling. I’ve learned that there is a point where you have to step back and let others find their own path. You can light the way for them, but they have to walk there themselves. You cannot carry them. Their burdens are not yours to bear.



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