It’s not always about you.

Hey, this post is for you because the world doesn’t revolve around you.

I bet you’ll take this personally because ya know it’s in your nature to. But you weren’t put on this Earth to have everyone listen to you, understand you, praise you, empathize with you or help you. You’re not the fucking center of the universe.

No one owes you shit. No one will give you a hand wrapped apology for all the wrongs people have done to you. No one will tell you the secret to live and how to make things easy. All of us, have to suck it up regardless of who we are, how we’re raised or what circumstances we are in.

Here’s a lesson I’ve learned the hard way. No one will truly understand you. No one will truly get how you feel. No one will see the world the way you see it. We all have our own filters and even if you copy your filter, I’ll still see your world through the lens of mine.

No one is obligated to deal with your problems, solve them for you or hold your hand through your life. Everything is circumstantial. And other people have standards just as you do.

So then why does this even matter? Well, the way I see it… if no one understands me, then I have to make it a mission to understand myself. If no one understands my feelings, my thoughts, my convictions and beliefs then I need to learn how to effectively communicate them in the most accurate way possible.

The world may not revolve around you but YOU are your own world. You have to adjust your own filters. You have to hold your hand. You must apologize to yourself. You must stand up to yourself. You have to suck this up because no one else will do this for you.

And honestly, when you can deal with yourself… dealing with the rest of the world becomes a tiny bit easier.


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