Pondering Authenticity

How can you tell when someone is authentic?

What differentiates the sincere from the poser?

Do you like the things you like because you enjoy them? Or did external pressures influence you? Or has it been so long since you “liked” this that you can no longer tell the difference?


Are your actions for effect or for attention?

But what if you’re not sincere because you’re hiding parts of your personality? Or if you are trying to change into a better person and you’re just practicing your act?

Are people who are nice to the people they hate inauthentic?

Are people who are mean to the ones they like inauthentic?

Are the people who don’t give a fuck but deep inside they do insincere?

What if today I want to play the badass bitch because I want to become a badass bitch? Am I fake for trying to emulate an ideal that I want?

What if tomorrow I want to play the demure damsel in distress because it’s how I feel? Is it fake that I switched so fast?

Aren’t people made up of different layers of their personality? What is the most “authentic” layer of a person? Is it a part or is it the sum?


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