My favorite compliments…

… are those that show me you’re interested in what I care about.

… are times you are reminded of me.

… are ones that understand the struggles I go through.

… are the times that I helped you understand.

… are the instances you show me feedback on where I can improve.

… are the occasions you suggest things I might like.

… are the ones you notice I struggle to improve on.

… are the moments that show me I inspired you to change.

Most compliments I receive, I rarely expect. Some I don’t even acknowledge out of fear that it will turn people away. But I appreciate them truly. Thank you always.

Growing Old

“I am no longer afraid of getting old. Indeed I can’t believe I ever said anything so stupid. So childish. So offensive and arrogant.
But mainly, so very, very stupid. I desperately want to grow old.”
Elizabeth Wein, Code Name Verity

The infamous paradigm shift. At times, it takes them a life event for them to shift their mindset. And sometimes, it just takes a line from a book.

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Effort Before Effortless

Getting back on track with writing is harder than I imagined. A few months ago, it was a lot easier for my thoughts to flow and for me to create content for this blog but after of a few months of sloth, it’s been difficult.

This reminds me of a mantra that I keep hearing in yoga. Effort before effortless. You need to put in hard work in order to reap the rewards of ease. Things have to suck a little bit before I can feel like writing isn’t a struggle.

The thing is I have to keep this up. Writing has been a great catharsis for me. It’s my favorite medium of expression and sharing thoughts with possible feedback has been very helpful for my mental state.

Quality is the reward for consistency.