We sat under an airplane that was used to bomb Pearl Harbor.

It is now a prop that we use for shade as we drank our smoothies.

An F-16 breaks the sound barrier and kills my ear drums. I laugh at my surprise then joke that it wants to be noticed.

I suddenly frown when I realized that same sound was has scarred people as a bomb hit their families.

In another country in the world, a sound like that is the sign that people will die. People who are just trying to survive.

I shared my thought out loud and we sat in silence at the realization.

We open the pamphlet admiring the specs of the plane. We turn to the page of the officers in the planes.

“Where is the diversity?” you asked.

In discomfort, I turn to the next page and there they were. We reassured ourselves that these people will be the next officers for the future generations.

I look up to see the people around us. Are we all that different? From each other? From people on the other side of the world.

We pass by billions of tax dollars put on display. We admire the ingenuity, the technology. In a hundred years, men have learned to fly and the world has changed.

We are closer to each other than ever in theory, yet reality paints a different picture.

“That’s a drone,” you inform me. “Remotely piloted aircraft. Predator. It’s been used for years… they are highly efficient.”

At what? I asked internally.

“It’s not good… to hurt people,” you added slowly.

My stomach is sick at the implication.

I pass by a T-shirt with pride for the greatest country in the world.

My freedom. What price does the rest of the world pay for it? What price will I pay in the future?


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