Alienate me.

I dare you.

It’s not that hard. A few misunderstandings.

Paraphrase me. Leave out my point. Assume for me.

Tell me what to think. Tell me what to do. Tell me how I’m wrong.

Invalidate my feelings. Look at how hysterical she is! God, she’s crazy.

Make me feel like shit. Pressure me. Set me up for failure.

Wait, do you even know what you like about me?

Change me. I’m fluid. You’re a rock. I’m water.

I’ve been flowing through everyone. For everyone.

I’ll conform to the container you want me to be in.

I’ll freeze when my emotions are too much for you.

I’ll evaporate when you need space.

I’ll flow when you need me to.

I’ll be the heavy humidity that surrounds you when you’re cold.

I’ll be frost that shields you from the heat.

I’ll fill you up when you’re thirsty. Hydrate you with all the encouraging words you need.

I’ll sink to the bottom of the sea if you want me to.

I’ll float with you to the ends of the earth.

I accept you. Every day I try to understand.Every hurtful word. Every change you refuse to make. Every sacrifice you and I made for each other. Every half promise we’ve made.

And with each day I feel more alone.


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