Survey, because fuck it! I want to take it easy for even longer.

greek mythology ask meme

aphrodite:what do you find most attractive in a person? (physical and personality wise)

I admire honesty and authenticity. It also helps if they are not completely self-centered.

apollo:what’s your favorite art?

That’s broad, but I do like paintings?

ares:what’s the thing that makes you angriest?

When people cannot look beyond their perspective, or when people are completely selfish.

artemis:what’s your favorite thing about girls?

This was difficult for me, but the caring instinct.

athena:what’s a fun fact that you know that others might not?

About me? I love sweet potatoes.

demeter:what’s your favorite flower?

White lotus.

dionysus:what’s your favorite drink? (alcoholic or not)


hades:what’s your favorite thing about winter?

The food.

hephaestus:what’s the most helpful thing you can do around the house?

Clean dishes.

hera:what’s something you want in a marriage/relationship?

Trust and honest.

hermes:where would you like to travel in a month-long trip?

South America? Or maybe the Middle East.

hestia:what’s something you enjoy about your family?

I love watching cartoons with my brother.

persephone:are you indecisive?


poseidon:what’s your favorite thing about the beach?

The sound of waves.

zeus:what’s your favorite weather system?

Uh…. weather system? Humidity?


chronus:what do you hate about time?

There is never enough, yet we’re always running out.

eros:how would you describe love?

Naive and scary but worth it.

hypnos:do you have a favorite dream?


thanatos:what do you think about death?

It’ll come when it comes.

Mwahahahahhaha lazy writing forever.


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