Easing back in.

When I had a myspace, I used to answer bulletin surveys all the time just for fun. Since it’s been a while since I blogged, I decided this is a fun way to get back into blogging without the pressure of actually writing (laziness basically).

Found this survey on Tumblr, so let’s get right into it.

Care Bears Questions

Cheer Bear: What never fails to cheer you up?

My cat.

Tenderheart Bear: A piece of advice you can give?

Self awareness is everything.

Bedtime Bear: How do you sleep? 

Late, late at night and not enough. 

Share Bear: Most recent present you’ve given to someone?


Friend Bear: Which friend do you have the most in common with?

People with the same personality type as me. I don’t count interests because I can have the same interests, yet I feel like I have barely anything “in common” with them. 

Grumpy Bear: One thing that never fails to anger you?

When another person refuses to see the perspective of another. 

Wish Bear: Someone or something you have faith in?

I have faith in determination.

Funshine Bear: Favourite way to spend a sunny day? 

Indoors hahahahahaha

Love-a-Lot Bear: What qualities in someone would you consider romantic?

Straight forward and honest. Be a dork too, dat be cute. 

Good Luck Bear: Create a fortune cookie note based on your week.

It can only go uphill from here?

Birthday Bear: What would you wear to a costume party?

I’m feeling Poison Ivy makeup for some reason. But holy shit, I need to boost my confidence to pull off a costume of just leaves. 

Champ Bear: Favourite way to exercise?

Yoga? Dancing in my room.

Harmony Bear: List 7 colours you really like.

Black, maroon, white, beige, dark green, purple, grey. 

Secret Bear: Say one word related to a secret you must keep.


Take Care Bear: How is your health?

Not the best. I’m gonna work out again (starting tomorrow. *sigh) 

Best Friend Bear: Favourite thing about your best friend?


Daydream Bear: Something you often fantasize about?

Secret. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Work of Heart Bear: What kind of things do you like to create?

I like to create feelings in others.

Amigo Bear: What languages would you like to learn?

Tagalog (I NEED TO LEARN MORE), Mandarin, Spanish

Smart Heart Bear:  A topic you’re really knowledgeable about?

Ugh pharmacy. Also MBTI. Also makeup. 

Do Your Best Bear: What part of yourself do you want to improve?

Probably health atm. It would be nice to be fitter.

Sweet Dreams Bear: The last dream you remember having?

Secret. Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahaha

Laugh-a-Lot Bear: What do your laughs sound like?

Like I’m laughing at the funniest joke but really I’m laughing at the awkwardness of the situation.

Shine Bright Bear: When do you feel you look your best?

When I smile at something at makes me really, really happy.

Heartsong Bear: What types of music do you like to listen to?

I can’t pick a genre. But I’ve been really into 80s music lately.

Superstar Bear: What would you be world famous for?

I don’t know. Probably something unexpected and not related to my field.

Oopsy Bear: Last time you accidentally hurt yourself?

Injured my toe on my cat’s cage the other month.

Wonderheart Bear: Something that leaves you completely in awe?

The sky at sunrise/sunset. 

Grams Bear: Words of wisdom you’ve received from your elders?

Never tell a coworker everything you know. 

Baby Hugs & Tugs: What is your most childish aspect?

My wonder? My curiosity? I’m excited for things only children would be excited for. 

Brave Heart Lion: A time where you had to be really brave?

When I first lived in Manila alone.

Loyal Heart Dog: Friend you’ve known the longest and for how long?

My high school friends? Since 2006-2005? I’ve known other friends longer but they haven’t stayed in my life so I don’t know if that counts.

Bright Heart Raccoon: Favourite subject in school?

English or Literature

Swift Heart Rabbit: What are your most exciting hobbies? 

Psychology and reading

Lotsa Heart Elephant: How strong are you, physically and mentally?

Physically I’m a weak ass. Mentally, it depends on the situation? If I’m in a room filled with people I don’t care about, I’m the strongest. If I have to be strong for other people, I will be strong.

Cozy Heart Penguin: How do you like to keep warm?

Blankets, sweaters. I like to stay room temperature. 

Playful Heart Monkey: Favourite game to play with friends?

My god, I love Risk and Uno. And Jenga is so much fun 

Gentle Heart Lamb: What brings out your soft side?

I think the question should ask me what brings out my hard side. Since I am by default a soft marshmallow.

Treat Heart Pig: What is your favourite way to treat yourself?

Dark chocolate? 

Proud Heart Cat: Something you’re proud of about yourself?

I’m proud of my values and the way I treat my friends.

Noble Heart Horse: What morals are most important to you?

Authenticity. I want people to be themselves, even if it means that morality has to shift from person to person. 

No Heart: Something you don’t care about?

I stop caring about something if I constantly hear about it. The repetition kills me. 

Yassssss, that was so much fun. No pressure.


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