A random thing that made me cry (002)


The stupidest shit makes me cry.

Of all the things that could trigger me to cry. Of all the things! I connect one action to a motivation.

Some people criticize me, and it makes me angry. Some people address the problem directly. It doesn’t make me cry. Some people make me laugh it off. That doesn’t make me cry. Some people bring up better times and it doesn’t make me cry.

No, I connect one innocuous event. See what the person is low-key trying to convey to me… that they remember and that they care and they support me.

And it makes me weep.

At times, I don’t want to understand the motivations of others. Most of the time it makes me hate people. But sometimes it gives me feel like people care about me…

I don’t know how low my self-esteem is for me to cry when I realize people care about me, but I must be in bad shape.


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