What fantasies do we play in our heads to prevent us from facing “real problems”?

How many real problems are within our control?

Who control us?

Who are we in this giant rock in space any ways?

Today we can create impact with shock value. Shock that will be covered up in tomorrow’s news. Another line in a history book.

Most of us never even make it there. Billions of people wake up, eat, live and die from now, since the beginning of time.

And we don’t even know 1% of all of them.

Yet we still frantically try to make our mark in the world.

When you do what you want, you are happy. But you are forgotten.

When you do things to make an impact, you are remembered but never as you want to be.

We never win.

We are fickle, fake, selfish creatures who may never see past our own needs. And when we do, it’s all self fulfilling in the end right?

All roads lead to me.

Why is it so tiring to be a good person in a bad world?

Who am I being good for? For my own morality? For my own conscious? For my sanity?

why do i live by my self imposed rules which tricks me to live by the rules of others?

i’m constantly asking am i don’t the right thing? if yes, then why am i unhappy? if no, why am i in a catch 22?

everything is easier when you’re sedated isn’t it marianne.

you don’t like facing the cold hard truth that revealed itself when you killed suppressed that part of you.

well here it is, in plain sight.

not much has changed in the end has it?


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