On today’s episode of…

…Marianne’s Gotta Be Honest (Totally ripping that line from mah boi) Marianne is going to address her feelings like a true adult and stop lying to herself that she is okay because she is not!

Hooray! Let’s begin!

Just kidding! She refuses to be honest. Instead she’s going to make you guess the possible answers! What an asshole right?

  • Choose all that apply.

a. Marianne is tired of routine.

b. She is going through relationship problems.

c. She is fighting with her parents.

d. She is going through insecure body issues.

e. She is stressed out about studying.

f. She is in denial of the truth.

g. She lost money while gambling in a Casino.

h. She is in pain because of overstimulation and yoga

i. She don’t want to do the Reading Decathlon anymore.

j. She is fighting with a good friend and it’s taking a toll.

k. She actually doesn’t feel anything.

l. She is going through her routine (existential) crisis.

m. She is over-complicating life.

n. She is over-simplifying life.

o. Cheerio is in the hospital again.

p. She’s been unproductive the whole week.

q. Time is ticking.

r. She no longer has a social life.

s. If she dies right now, she never reached her true potential.

t. She is pissed off because of an internet article about MBTI that is inaccurate.

u. She is in complete apathy of her actual problems because she prefers to life in a fantasy world.

v. She is precious wasting time.

w. She is behind on everything.

x. Her life is actually meaningless.

y. She is lonely.

z. She is absorbing the toxic feelings of people around her.

Now wasn’t that fun? Are all these problems true? Are all of them false? Are some of them partially true/false? Were they true in the past/future? Who fucking knows! (only me)

Until tomorrow!


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