I don’t feel myself

I feel like a lesser version of myself. My mind wants to do so many things, yet my will and body refuse.

The last few days has been a push for me to go to yoga, even though I want to go.

I can barely focus on studying although I want to study.

I cannot read anything new or mind stimulating.

My reactions feel like a mask of a reaction rather than a real one.

My body is exhausted. My mind restless. My heart numb.

It is taking longer for me to reset than anticipated.

I have been trying to think up a solution but the more the think the farther the solution feels.

I need time to reconnect with myself. I have been losing myself in my activities.

It bothers me that time does not stop for the weary. Things still need to be done irregardless of how you feel. Everything still moves forward.

Until tomorrow.


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