Unfriendly Rivalry

Some days you just need to plan. Rest and plan.

I didn’t go to yoga today. I know it’s good to push yourself but after rereading my blog yesterday I realized that I was putting too much pressure on myself that it was becoming stressful.

My Te minimums finally accomplished a goal. Tomorrow I will try to exceed the minimums by increasing it per day.

I’m going to test run these new minimums for two days to see how it goes. Hopefully I won’t burn out because I do feel extra tired.


“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow-man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

— Ernest Hemingway.

Some people live off of competition. They find ways to better themselves by setting up standards with other people. They want to excel and be better than their rival and after they beat them, they move on the next bigger rival.
It’s not necessarily a negative thing, it could be a friendly rival. I’ve been with friends who I have “competed” with for the sake of let’s have fun and all that happened was we both pushed ourselves to be better, whether it would be grades, working out or just having fun.
The type of rivalry, competing or comparing I hate is the kind that is unhappy when others succeed. When you see someone better than you and you want them to fail so that you can be on top.
Obviously the action of sabotaging a person is terrible but harboring ill feelings when someone is doing better than you is just as bad.
We all do it. We all see how we stack up with other people but don’t go out there and dislike a person because you perceive them as better than you.
Look at yourself. How can you be better than yourself tomorrow? Set your own standards of happiness and success. By looking at your neighbor you are limiting your potential by that of the standard of your neighbor. And what do you truly gain from being better than another person? The satisfaction? Are you happy in the end? Did you achieve what you really wanted? Did you end up in a path that you didn’t want to take following someone who you don’t admire?
Keep your eyes on your own long-term plan. Make it feasible. Then exceed yourself as much as you are capable of.
You live your life. Don’t live it as a race with others. Live it for your own progress and happiness.
Until tomorrow.

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