Dramatically Indecisive

It’s late. I took melatonin to correct my terrible sleeping habits. I finished my mins and I am dramatically indecisive over whether I should go to yoga tomorrow.

You see, I’ve gone to yoga 16 days straight. That is fucking unheard of from me. Every day it’s different. Some class are significantly easy while others are terribly difficult.

Here are my rankings of my yoga classes after a month.

Almost like sleeping – Restorative Yoga

I’m not going to feel it unless a bro suggests shoulders or triceps – Hot Power Flow 1 (Heated flow class) this class also depends on the teacher

I keep moving, when is child’s pose?? – Yin Flow Yoga

What is water? Sweat is burning my eyes. I can’t feel anything but sweat and pain and possibly endorphins – Haute 26 (Set class)

Jesus Christ. My heart is dying. My arms are dying. Actually my whole body is dying. Shaun T would be proud but I’m not going to be able to lift anything or walk anywhere for the next two days – Barefoot Bootcamp, Extreme Pilates

The last two weeks I have not been taking cardio classes which has been saving me from taking rest days. I try to take Restorative Yoga as a ‘rest day’ option twice a week.

But tomorrow… there is no restorative yoga. I have to go to Hot Power Flow 1 AND the teacher is good which means the burn will be real.


  • I feel mentally fatigued.
  • I just went hard on my body for the last two days with Haute 26.
  • The mental fatigue has been messing with my productivity (I know it doesn’t seem that way but I’m depleted energy wise).
  • If I go tomorrow then I will take Hot Flow 1 on Tuesday too (because it’s my 2nd fave teacher).
  • I will break my 16 day streak!!!!!
  • Guilt because I love going to yoga. Wut.


  • I am mentally exhausted but physically capable??? Is this even me right now? My body is NOT sore from having my two most difficult yoga classes in the week? Who am I?
  • It’s only an hour.
  • It’s in the afternoon so I have basically the whole day to ‘rest’.
  • I will continue my streak.
  • I can mentally push myself (taray).


I don’t like being indecisive. I think it wastes time. I spend my time methodically planning out a ‘perfect’ plan. Notice how I already consider how this one class will affect the rest of my week.

This is what I do with almost everything. I am not usually a quick thinker when presented with two difficult decisions that are brand new. I emphasize that because if I already have an established logic, stance or belief that I can apply to my decision then I make my choices without hesitation.

I like spending time thinking about morality and logic. I also consider people’s feelings when making decisions too. I like choosing the best option where everyone is happy (even it means I’m stressed out or unhappy).

That melatonin is kicking in!

Until tomorrow.

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