Exceeding the Minimums and a Surprise

Yep, today it finally happened. I did not accomplish my important Te mins. I did not study. But it has been a full week of successful studying, yoga and blogging. And guess what… I even helped in making a podcast! Jump to the end for the links!

Yep, today it finally happened. I did not accomplish my important Te mins. I did not study. And you know what? I don’t feel bad about not accomplishing them mins because for the last week I’ve been consistent. If I burn out after a week of studying 2 chapters a day, so be it. It is hard to constantly push yourself when you know realistically you cannot be on your A game every day.

Photo 28-07-2016, 23 07 41

Te Minimum Results

  1. Mother of god. I read from Chapter 18 to Chapter 29 in a week. That is 12 chapters. I cannot grasp how that’s even possible. I have trouble focusing on my course. To me it’s considered work and I don’t like talking about or thinking about work (hence, my lack of pharmacy based posts). It’s not that I lack passion for my job, I appreciate it’s importance but when you’ve spent 6 years working on a goal (to work as a pharmacist in the U.S.), it gets repetitive. This is a job I will do for the rest of my life. I talk about it with my friends, my family and my colleagues… can I not talk about it on my free time? There is so much more to life! Heck, this disillusionment is the reason I started this blog in the first place. But to finish 12 chapters… gotta say Stellar Maze. You’re on to something with these Te mins.
  2. Reading wise, I think I barely spent 30 minutes per day on reading. My books for the week are “Socrates to Sartre” by Samuel Enoch Stumpf and “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” by Ernest Hemingway. For the first book, I was able to read the first chapter and I’m starting to get into Socrates. I completely finished Hemingway’s short story.
  3. For yoga, I killed it this week. I went every day. Every. Day. My shoulders are dying which is why I stopped doing planks and squats (can’t recover fast enough with the additional strain). But I am very pleased with myself.
  4. Blogging for the last week has been easier. My words flow better. I’m less picky with trying to convey exactly with what I’m saying. Some days I feel like shit and I don’t have the time to go and edit word-for-word. But I don’t feel guilty for it (which is crazy by my standards of self-induced anxiety and perfectionism). I’m getting the hang of this. At this rate, I could probably start writing separate blogs about other things beyond just how my Te mins go and my daily insights.

Exceeding the Minimums

I have things that I have to do every day. The things I talk about above are my long term investments. Career. Mind. Body. Soul.

This is how I exceeded my goals.

Photo 28-07-2016, 23 46 55

I worked out with Jay. Yoga has mostly been a solo thing for me. Time constraints and responsibilities restrict us from spending all the time together but that yoga session with Jay and my favorite yoga teacher is definite highlight.

Photo 27-07-2016, 01 46 30

I finally finished a month of yoga. Today I renewed my membership with my studio but it doesn’t matter because I went 26/30 days (yep I guess my snapchat count was off). In addition, I have been going for 13 days straight. That is fucking unheard of for me. 13 days straight and I haven’t even really felt it (okay my shoulders are starting to). I’m going to go more in depth with this in tomorrow’s blog post.



I just moved from the Philippines a month ago. I’ve been dreading it because I was happy in Makati. It was my home for 6 years. And in the last 7 months, I’ve spent quality time with important people in my life and I’ve made good friends with people I would have never expected to. Having such an amazing ending to a 6 year journey made it harder for me to move forward because man, did I have an awesome past year.

I don’t like looking back. I like looking forward. I have been looking forward for the last 5 years but the surprising turn that the last few months have taken me has created resistance. A resistance to leave when I never cared before. The urge to come back sooner than I can. The slow and terrifying acceptance that I do miss people even though I don’t want to admit I do.

Separating ways after college is natural. Staying in touch is difficult. Some of the best conversations and moments in my life have been in Philippines. I don’t even know how to convey the depth of gratitude to my friends and family who have made a resounding positive impact on my life.

Which is why whenever you guys reach out, it really does make my day. When I see your snaps, pictures and posts doing things that make you happy, I feel happiness. When I see messages on my inboxes I feel like I’m still there even when I’m not. The gap is bridged. When I see you hanging out together, I have this amazing feeling like hey, things have changed and things will change but… maybe the amazing conversations, connections and friendships will stay. 

With that long and dramatic back story, I am pleased to introduce Tsinelas Media

Screenshot 2016-07-29 00.41.41

“It’s amazing what you can achieve when you’re in the presence of good company. We like hanging out and talking about things that we find interesting. Sometime down the road we decided to record it; with no plans of ever publishing it (God, no).

Alas, one thing led to another and here we are, an “About Us” section not knowing where this will go. Enter Tsinela Media, a group of misfits who just aren’t satisfied with consuming the culture around us. We wish to create it. From here on out feel free to enjoy whatever we want to talk about, perhaps even join in; we’re shy but not really.”

Here’s a rundown of the shows.
The Baseline: Zack, Roel, and Anton talk about anything and everything basketball. Living in a basketball crazy archipelago, listen in as these wannabe experts give their 2 centavos on topics you already have opinions about.
Bingestream: Jan talks about shows he thinks is worth talking about with a rotating cast of really “cool” people. No, really; it’s awesome.
Identity Talks: Jan and Marianne talk about their introduction to psychology and MBTI, the possible inadequacy of personality tests and their fight against stereotypes

I may not be there in person to spend time with them, but at least I can experience a snippet of the action by supporting, listening and collaborating with them.

Much support and love guys. Until tomorrow.

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