Root to Rise

Uh oh, I’m in trouble here. It’s almost 2pm and I haven’t accomplished even one Te minimum yet!

Click below if you want to see how I recovered and rebounded from this.

Well I almost finished all my Te minimums today. I was still able to finish a long chapter of pharma and I’m gonna try and finish a short chapter after this blog post.

I was able to read today because I’m going to start using my ‘dead time’ during yoga. Yoga is a 3 hour ordeal for me, regardless of how long the class actually is (varying from 60-90min). I get to class 10-30minutes before depending on how full the room is and then I just wait.

Yoga teachers emphasize on stillness. But I can fall asleep if I have 10minutes of stillness. So today I brought my book to yoga and read up until 5minutes before class.

In addition, I can no longer sustainably do the squats and plank mins as of now because my shoulders are dying each day of downward dog and fucking vinyasa. I swear I was sending death glares to the fucker who suggested shoulders after my teacher asked Is there anything we’d like to work on today? 

I’m going to look for more dead time in my day so I can fit in more Te mins.


I love it when my yoga teachers say Root to Rise. In yoga it means to push down into the floor in order to pull up. The most basic way I feel this sensation is the infamous downward dog. In order to keep a straight spine you must push forward and down with your hands. By pushing forward, your hips will have the ability to pull higher. You must pay attention to your roots: the hands and feet. Are they pushing down? Is there power in them? If there is, now rise. Pull your hips up.

I often forget that it takes opposing energies to create stability. Newton’s third law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. There are always two forces at work when creating action. In yoga, this is creating a stable pose.

I have been thinking: what forces am I neglecting that cause instability in my life?

Earlier this month I tried to limit my social media interactions and even delete all of my social media apps to root myself in studying. What happened was I binged even more. The luxury of social media became a black hole and the dreariness of studying took a toll on me.

That is just part of who I am. I cannot completely kill my extraverted feeling (Fe). I can try. But it will cause instability in my life. I cannot expect myself to root myself completely in Ti without burning out. Similarly I cannot expect to accomplish my goals if I root myself in social media.

Root to rise is a statement of duality. Cognitive function wise, I can ground myself in Se but I cannot rise without Ni. I can also root myself in Ni and lose myself in abstract thoughts but I cannot rise without the forceful action of Se. My ideas will be lost and irrelevant.

Balance is becoming an important theme in my life. Over indulgence can be liberating for a moment but can bind you stagnancy. Or it can relapse you into an unhealthy part of yourself. It is not bad to indulge, but remember to pull yourself back to equilibrium with an opposite force.

Root to rise, my friends.

Until tomorrow!

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