Mixing it up!

Mixing it up a bit for Tuesday! The last two days my sleeping pattern has been off because I stay up late trying to finish blog posts so today I’m going to get a head start and show you my method of accomplishing Te mins.

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The Ushe Day

I start off the day with coffee and a light breakfast. Breakfast has to be light or else I’ll feel like throwing up in hot yoga.

Then I get my yoga bag ready. Before I go to hot yoga I usually try to kill two Te minimums which is reading a little bit for fun and reading pharmacy for torture (no seriously I have a test coming up). If my yoga class is midday and light I even do some planks and squats before class.

After class I have a protein shake, take a shower and eat something while relaxing and going through social media and replying to things that I didn’t reply to in the morning. Then I start reading another chapter of pharmacy. When 6pm rolls in, I start cleaning a little bit before my mom comes home and at that point in time I’ve already accomplished all my Te minimums.

So past 7pm I am either on social media, getting a head start on another pharmacy chapter or lazing around with Cheerio.

Around midnight to 2am I work on a blog post and post it.

Possible Changes

Now all of the above happens on a usually albeit perfect day. On days that I go out with my parents or with Jay the timelines shift. Sometimes I have yoga in the afternoon which throws me off. Sometimes I go off schedule like right now just to start this blog post.

Some of my favorite things about this schedule is that my looks and attire are completely comfortable for the day. I don’t put on makeup in the morning (which I miss but it’s a time saver) because it burns my eyes when it mixes with sweat in yoga. Let’s be honest, I’m not there to look on fleek anyways. And for the whole day I’m either in workout clothes and pajamas (aka old workout clothes) and it is just next level comfort.

I’ve been thinking about improving this routine so that I can possibly study more chapters or even fit in two workouts per day.

  1. Moving my blogging time up by 1 hour to 8-9pm. That way I can sleep by 10pm-12am thus propelling me to wake up early.
  2. Moving social media exclusively to my laptop so I won’t be too distracted on my phone
  3. Moving my phone to another room while studying
  4. Integrating pomodoros back into my study routine
  5. Include a bedtime stretch routine so that I can gain faster flexibility into my tight hamstrings and shoulders
  6. Making timed blog posts so that I can consistently have a deadline for each blog. I’m thinking of posting them by midnight here PST.


Today, my body couldn’t take the exhaustion and I slept a good 4-5 hours in the afternoon. I did accomplish all of my mins today except for reading but I’m not too bummed about it because I got to change pace and get creative juices flowing.

I’m happy to have days like this where I can still do what I want yet finish what I need to do.

I’ve always known I like to share. I like sharing with the intent of improving myself and others. I love sharing ideas, stories and realizations. But I’ve always been possessive about my obsessions. This includes reading, my love for psychology and analysis and creating art either through writing or drawing. It is time for me to share and develop my possible talents.

You can’t be an expert just by trying things once. You can create great things just once but to truly obtain mastery you have to create things every day. Subpar things. Shitty things. And you have to fail again and again. Grind and fail. Fail and fail until holy shit! You came up with something you’re proud of!

But at the end of the day, don’t forget to appreciate the effort you put into getting up in the morning and doing things that you don’t want to do just to do the things you love to do.

Until tomorrow!


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