Jumping the the Gun

It’s late because I just jumped the gun and did it. My friend and I made a podcast episode.

Click below if you want to know about what I thought as we made it.

Listing the Te Minimums completed for the day

  • cleaned
  • went to yoga and holy shit, vinyasa should mean arm killer. I did more downward dog than I thought I could.
  • barely read two chapters but read them nonetheless
  • finally read up in my philosophy book up to Socrates which is exciting for me because it no longer covers the question What is stuff made of?  and more so of Why are people this way? 


I have written about this before but I have a problem with over-planning things. It’s hard for me to be organic because I am worried about the outcome and unintended effects.

The past years I’ve dreamt up blogs, articles, vlogs, youtube videos, music videos, covers and podcasts. All of them stuck in my mind because\I planned and waited for it to be perfect that in the end, it never came to fruition.

A friend and I talk about psychology all the time and in the past we thought about making a podcast episode or a youtube video but it never happened because internally I would over-think it.

But lately I’ve been jumping the gun and so have my friends. They have been creating podcasts for the last few weeks and I can’t help but feel proud of them because I know it takes a lot to put yourself out there (and I know internally all of us personally hate doing it). But even looking back there are many interesting conversations that should have been recorded and shared because the insight and comedy within them is just too good to keep just as a memory.

The last few days we worked out logistics and how to get it done because distance and internet speed is a challenge for us. Then I realized today, that if we wouldn’t do it soon enough, the content won’t be organic because I will research the shit out what we want to talk about and then I’ll be too nervous to do it.

Instead we just hit record and let it happen. Talk the way we usually talk and just flow naturally to the beginning of our obsession with psychology. I have to say it all turned out better than expected. 

Until tomorrow!


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