Action. Consistency. Experience. Quality.

My god, I had a long day. I barely stayed home which is a weird surprise.

I’m too tired to go into detail on how great today was, so instead I’ll do a functions type highlight reel.

Click below if you want to read on.

I’m very into MBTI, Socionics and Cognitive Functions. Something that I’ve been doing lately is living with the goal of inner duality which in my understanding is the strengthening of my weaker functions (I can go into detail about this in another blog). For the last month, this was the model I play my day with. I start my day working with weaker functions and then end my day with my strengths. This is an unorthodox way for me to live but I’ve been productive and happy for the last month which is a success in my book.

Se Highlights  – Went to my favorite yoga class with my favorite teacher. My favorite teacher asked for my name. Ate at a sushi buffet.

Ti Highlights – Read a chapter on ethics even though I don’t feel like. Pushing my willpower.

Fe Highlights – Saw my boyfriend. Watched Star Trek Beyond. Talked to mah bois back home. Called my brother and talked about Lumpianitas.

Ni Highlights – Started my morning with paradoxes. Made revelations about self esteem. Read my philosophy book.


There is a difference between doing things because you have to and doing things because it’s going to push you to being better. We can all settle with what is easy, the path travelled by many, the one that we feel safe in. But there is progress in the path less traveled. What limits can you push by doing new things? How much mastery can you achieve if you just kept up with it? Your journey is here and now. You are already walking forward but you choose which way to go and how to get there. You can choose the path to progress or the path of self-induced mediocrity.

Take yourself where you need to go day by day. Yesterday, I wrote a thousand words. I’m not sure if I’ll reach 500 today. But it doesn’t matter because I still wrote. I wrote even though I’m tired and had a full day. I could look at this blog tomorrow and think well fuck, the quality was shit, I wasn’t even trying, I’m just spewing bullshit. But I still wrote.

Quality will come with experience. Experience will come with consistency. Consistency comes with action.

Stop trying to motivate yourself to do it. Pick up your pen and do it. Get up and run. Get up and kick ass. And when you’re done, get some rest and do it again.

Until tomorrow!



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