Something Different and Uncomfortable

I want to start monitoring my progress and pushing myself to be consistent. Consistency with the things I have to do everyday is difficult because I get easily distracted by the beauty of the internet and infinite diversions on my phone. Coupled with the fact that I create my own schedule, er lack of schedule, I am conducive of falling into an endless trap of Buzzfeed articles and Youtube videos.

Thus, I have made a shiny new list for my established Te minimums (meaning the things I have to do every day to reach my long-term goals).

Screenshot 2016-07-21 22.06.48

  1. I have a big exam coming up. And I’m slacking on my reading and studying. Today, I read about Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoepidemiology. Thankfully, they were short, but I think I can squeeze in one more chapter before I sleep if I finish this blog post fast enough.
  2. Yoga has been a blessing in disguise the last month. I go to a studio with mixed classes and I had my favorite Alpha teacher. Today our sequence involved strengthening our lats to end up in a back bend (Mandukasana or Frog Pose). I struggled (as usual) with keeping up with the extensive amount of planks and upper body strength that yoga requires. So I added doing planks to my Te mins since I can only hold it for so long any ways. Even I have 30 seconds in my day. Photo 21-07-2016, 22 05 15Which makes me wonder… how long do I hold my downward dog and full planks then? MINUTES? It seems as though I’m in there forever! It has gotten to the point where I am developing chest and shoulder muscles so I’ll give my yoga teachers that. In addition I added 50 squats because why the heck not add my favorite exercise to add more excitement in my life
  3. On the reading front, I’m currently reading Socrates to Sartre by Samuel Enouch Stumpf and only now do I realize that it is indeed a textbook. A few pages in I’m already enjoying because he shares an anecdote about a pre-Socratic philosopher Thales and how he basically used his predictions (Ni) to earn money (Te). Aristotle shared that Thales, as with most philosophers, had the reputation for being poor because their line of work is focused purely on abstraction (Ni) that they did not produce anything (lack of Se). To prove his point that philosophers can make money, Thales bought all of the olive presses in the area because he predicted that there would be a heavy crop of olives the next season.

    When the season came, and there was a sudden and simultaneous demand for presses, he let out the stock he had collected at any rate he chose to fix; thus making a considerable fortune, he succeeded in proving that it is easy for philosophers to become rich if they so desire, though it is not the business which they are really about. – Aristotle

  4. Well today, I spent enough time on social media to keep up with everyone’s snaps and chat up with a good friend. I didn’t reach the ugh I’m disgusted with myself level of mindless scrolling but I did find myself reaching for my phone when I found my studying boring.

Now for my favorite part. Insights

  • To hold yourself in discomfort is a test of willpower. Note your discomfort and remember that some discomfort is important for progress. Like with all things, discomfort is temporary.
  • Lack of self-awareness can become a lack of self-control. The less aware I am of my innermost thoughts and instinctual actions, the more I am controlled by them. Bring awareness to oneself.
  • Before judging someone outright, it will feel better going through the preliminaries of research and understanding (apparently that means low-key stalking the shit out of someone with a friend to assess your judgements).
  • Patterns with MBTI types and one’s display of functions differ externally from culture to culture.

Yes my friends, I will speak as I am in my next blogs. Meaning you’ll be hearing about MBTI, about cognitive functions, about philosophy, about pharmacy and about shit that you may not care about. But this is about my progression, not yours. So help me the way a friend knows best, listening and giving me some tricks to push myself in my journey to a better me. Maybe you’ll get something too as you read along.


Until tomorrow!



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