MBTI Survey

Ripped this from tumblr. This might as well be a short introduction into my MBTI/socionics obsession.

1. What’s your MBTI type?


2. What’s the thing you most love about your type?

Making random realizations about yourself and other people throughout the day.

3. What’s the thing you must hate about your type?

Anxiety, caring about other people too much, perfectionism

4. How would you say your cognitive functions apply to your life?

Ni – I see 3 steps ahead of what people actually need. I see how one action can affect everything/everyone around it. There is no light treading topics. It’s insights or bantha fodder for me.

Fe – I can read the atmosphere of the room and know how people are feeling. Many times, I don’t know how I actually feel.

Ti – Rules are for chumps. My rules are faster, and more efficient than yours but it’s going to take some trial and error for that to happen.

Se – Information overload. I cannot speak to more that 2-3 people at a time. I absorb a lot of sensory detail.

5. Are there any stereotypes about your type that you think are wrong?

We are not all psychic, empathy-giving, gypsy faeries.

6. Have you ever met someone who shares the same type as you? If so, how’s your relationship with that person?

Yes! He is one of my good bruhs. We share insights and shit.

7. If you had taken the test 10 years ago, do you think you would have scored the same?

No, I would probably score as an INFP (I had many self rejection years).

8. In your opinion, what are the best types for your personality type?

I personally love all of beta squad (INFJ, ENFJ, ISTP, ESTP) and Ne/Ni doms (ENTP, ENFP, INTJ).

9. How long ago did you know MBTI?

Less than a year.

10. Do you consider yourself an MBTI nerd?

My god, it has consumed my life.

11. If you had the chance to change your personality type, would you? If so, which type would you choose?

I would be anyone from beta squad but I wish I could be as cool as ESTPs.

12. What’s your favorite Tumblr blog about MBTI


13. What MBTI type you get along with the best?

Hmmmm either Ni or Fe doms. We get each other.

14. Which MBTI type would you date?

I date an ESTP.

15. Which MBTI type do you admire?


16.Which MBTI type you don’t get along with?

ESFPs? I’ve had subpar experiences with them.

17. What’s your parents and siblings MBTI?

Dad – ISTP

Mom – ENFP

Brother – ENTP

18. Do you ever just look at people and try to guess their MBTI personality?

No, can only tell after talking to them for a little while.

19. Do you ever watch a movie/read a book and try to guess the character MBTI personality?

Guess? I make it a research project.

20. Have you ever feel confused about your type?

Yes. Am I an INFJ? ENFJ?

21. In a scale of 1 to 10, how identified you feel with your type?

Uhh 7? 8?

22. Do you talk to your family/friends/classmates/collegues about the MBTI test?

Yas. I tone it down though hahaha

23. Is there any cognitive function you would love to develop more?


24. What’s your position on personality? Do we born with a determined personality or we acquire our personality based on our life experiences and environment events? Or do you believe in a little mix of both?

Life experiences and environmental events.

25. Do you mix MBTI with any other personality tests? (the Horoscope also counts) Or you use it purely?

So far just MBTI/socionics.


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