You know whose horrible at being consistent? I am.

I’m amazing at starting things, trying new diets, workouts, productivity boosting routines and scheduling but if you ask me what I do consistently, I can’t say much but I do the following:

  • Check social media as soon as I wake up (horrible habit)
  • Wunderlist (because if I didn’t I’d be even more of a mess)
  • Journaling (new hobby for my introspective side)
  • Monetary things (pretty good at paying bills and saving recently)
  • Putting on makeup every day
  • Brushing teeth

Beyond that, I usually don’t workout, eat, sleep or read consistently much less blog! I’m just not used to it and it’s hard for me to keep it in the motion.

My mind does this when I think of blogging. OMG I SHOULD TOTES BLOG THAT. Eff I’m lazy, and what if it’s boring, what if I hate it, what if no one reads it, what if, you know what I maybe should not do it. #sleep.

To get out of this funk, I’m going to write this terrible shitty blog right now to be my all time low and push myself to blog at least! (once a month about anything but especially things I love which happens to be a lot).

This blog isn’t about content, clarity or conciseness, it’s about consistency or lack thereof. Blogs are suppose to be horrible at the start, all bloggers say that. They say at the beginning it’s easy, then it’s hard and then you keep pushing. Just push out content that makes you happy and if you’re consistent and work on improvement, then the blog will improve too.

My fear of the new (photography, design, editing) shouldn’t scare me (even though it really does) It should motivate me to be a better blogger and a better person :]

So don’t mind me posting this crappy blog post. I’m just ranting so I can get this issue off my mind. However, I’d like to know something.

Amazing bloggers out there, did you feel overwhelmed at the start?

Where do you get your consistency?

And do you have any tips for me?