Deep Thoughts: Diamonds among stones

“Don’t take anyone for granted, hold every person close to you. You might wake up one day, and realize that you’ve lost a diamond, while you were too busy collection stones.”
– Anonymous
Someone very precious to me once posted this on their wall, it sparked a defining thought. I treasure his friendship and it’s something that I hold near my heart.
Currently, my friends, batchmates and I are in a transition phase. Some of us are seeing where the road will take us and some of us committed to a plan. Some of us are leaving and will not come back for a while. Some will stay here and plant roots for their future.
I moved many different times in my life: to a new country and back, to two different highschools and to another country again. In a few years, I’ll move again. Some part of me says, I will see these people again and I have no need to worry, but the truth is you’ll never know.
I have friends who I love dearly and I never talk to. I think about them and I miss them so much but I get caught up with what I’m doing now that I forget to reply or when I do, I feel like it’s too late any ways. Sometimes I don’t want to reply because I want to tell them so many things that I just can’t even start, I just want to see them again and tell them everything. Technology has made everything easier, I can see them from afar, smile when good things happen to them and ache when I know things are not going well.
The problem with me is that I value seeing people and having a conversation in person more than I do messaging and chat. I want to see them, laugh with them and truly be with them. It’s hard to do that with friends who are oceans and miles apart.
This is a very rambling post but my point is this, to my friends in the past and present, you are amazing and thank you for being there for me and impacting my life in positive ways. Thank you for shaping me to be the person I am today. If you are here with me in the Philippines, batchmate, classmate, and friend, I hope you know that I care about you and I hope that I show it enough. And my friends in Las Vegas or in CDO, I apologize if I’m not there for you or in contact with you, and I hope you understand, but it does not change that I care for you and I think about you often. When the time comes when we meet again, and trust me it will, I will make time for you and see how you truly are. Those two places will always be my ‘home’.
For the people that know, the quote above changed my life enormously. I don’t know if it will change your life, the way it did mine, but I just hope that it is a reminder that time is fleeting and precious; people are flesh and bone, they change, drift away and pass on. We are all lonely, but I feel less lonely when I love people. Don’t let the diamonds in your life forget that they are important.
‘Till next time.

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