Quick Review: Maybelline Color Show Eyeliner in Cacao Brown

Eyeliner was the start of my love affair with makeup. A week ago I bought Maybelline’s Color Show Crayon Kohl Eyeliner in Cacao Brown for P199 in Landmark and I’ve been using it every day since.

20140728-134225-49345515.jpg     20140728-134227-49347204.jpg

It’s a matte, dark brown pencil that has no pulling and it’s comfortable to use on the waterline. It’s smudge proof after 2 minutes leaving you enough time to create a smudged/smoked look. It’s water proof and lasts around 6 hours before it starts to fade.


This liner is a great way to replace harsh black liner for something more natural. Yesterday, I even used it as an eyebrow pencil, using a spoolie to soften any hard edges the liner created.

One thing that irked me was that you couldn’t connect the cover to the end of the pencil. It’s not a dealbreaker but it’s bothersome that you need to keep track of the cap while applying the liner on-the-go.


Overall I reccommend this liner as an affordable and beginner-friendly makeup item. At P199, it’s a steal and I’m excited to try more colors!

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