Deep Thoughts: Diamonds among stones

“Don’t take anyone for granted, hold every person close to you. You might wake up one day, and realize that you’ve lost a diamond, while you were too busy collection stones.”
– Anonymous
Someone very precious to me once posted this on their wall, it sparked a defining thought. I treasure his friendship and it’s something that I hold near my heart.
Currently, my friends, batchmates and I are in a transition phase. Some of us are seeing where the road will take us and some of us committed to a plan. Some of us are leaving and will not come back for a while. Some will stay here and plant roots for their future.
I moved many different times in my life: to a new country and back, to two different highschools and to another country again. In a few years, I’ll move again. Some part of me says, I will see these people again and I have no need to worry, but the truth is you’ll never know.
I have friends who I love dearly and I never talk to. I think about them and I miss them so much but I get caught up with what I’m doing now that I forget to reply or when I do, I feel like it’s too late any ways. Sometimes I don’t want to reply because I want to tell them so many things that I just can’t even start, I just want to see them again and tell them everything. Technology has made everything easier, I can see them from afar, smile when good things happen to them and ache when I know things are not going well.
The problem with me is that I value seeing people and having a conversation in person more than I do messaging and chat. I want to see them, laugh with them and truly be with them. It’s hard to do that with friends who are oceans and miles apart.
This is a very rambling post but my point is this, to my friends in the past and present, you are amazing and thank you for being there for me and impacting my life in positive ways. Thank you for shaping me to be the person I am today. If you are here with me in the Philippines, batchmate, classmate, and friend, I hope you know that I care about you and I hope that I show it enough. And my friends in Las Vegas or in CDO, I apologize if I’m not there for you or in contact with you, and I hope you understand, but it does not change that I care for you and I think about you often. When the time comes when we meet again, and trust me it will, I will make time for you and see how you truly are. Those two places will always be my ‘home’.
For the people that know, the quote above changed my life enormously. I don’t know if it will change your life, the way it did mine, but I just hope that it is a reminder that time is fleeting and precious; people are flesh and bone, they change, drift away and pass on. We are all lonely, but I feel less lonely when I love people. Don’t let the diamonds in your life forget that they are important.
‘Till next time.

Quick Review: Maybelline Color Show Eyeliner in Cacao Brown

Eyeliner was the start of my love affair with makeup. A week ago I bought Maybelline’s Color Show Crayon Kohl Eyeliner in Cacao Brown for P199 in Landmark and I’ve been using it every day since.

20140728-134225-49345515.jpg     20140728-134227-49347204.jpg

It’s a matte, dark brown pencil that has no pulling and it’s comfortable to use on the waterline. It’s smudge proof after 2 minutes leaving you enough time to create a smudged/smoked look. It’s water proof and lasts around 6 hours before it starts to fade.


This liner is a great way to replace harsh black liner for something more natural. Yesterday, I even used it as an eyebrow pencil, using a spoolie to soften any hard edges the liner created.

One thing that irked me was that you couldn’t connect the cover to the end of the pencil. It’s not a dealbreaker but it’s bothersome that you need to keep track of the cap while applying the liner on-the-go.


Overall I reccommend this liner as an affordable and beginner-friendly makeup item. At P199, it’s a steal and I’m excited to try more colors!

Basic Productivity Tips for Pharmacy Students

A few weeks back, I wrote a really long list on how to get ready for the board exam and I wanted to just lazily copy and paste it here on my blog since I promised to share it to my underclassmates but I realized that it’d be nice to write a series on how to be productive and my suggestions on how to manage time and relieve stress throughout the year since, honestly the board exam is not at the top of everyone’s mind right now (unless you’re taking it in January, then I promise to post my tips soon!).

I know some of you have a just a year left before you take the board exam yourselves and honestly you’ll have no idea how fast time will fly by with major internship, thesis and graduating requirements. This will be a make or break time for all of you and I have some tips to help you get through this journey.

1. Have a To-Do List 

This should be the bare minimum that any one should have for productivity management and if you can manage thisTin your head, then I applaud you. The cheapest and easiest option is paper and pencil. I had a variation of this when I was in 2nd year. For each subject, I would have one sticky note with all the things I needed to do for the week. I would change out the sticky notes every few days to update it and I would keep all of them on the cover of my school notebook.

The most creative way I’ve kept a To-Do list is with a planner. The most popular planners I’ve used are Starbucks and Moleskine planners. The best part about a planner is that you don’t need to create your own format because it gives you it’s own structure. However, I have a hard time remembering to write down every task into the planner.

Currently, I am using Wunderlist for my phone and computer. It is just a simple list making app that syncs with almost every platform (iOS, Android, Mac and Windows). It makes all of my tasks easy to check off and very easy to list out because I don’t always have a pen and paper but I always have my phone with me. Offline, I use my Starbucks planner to keep track of the overall month and my daily schedule.

2. Find your learning style

My 2nd year thesis in English was Learning Styles of Pharmacy Students and with it I learned that there are various ways of learning information: Visual, Auditory, Read/Write and Kinesthetic. You can find your learning style here using the VARK Questionaire.

Ironically, I hardly used my thesis on myself, although I determined that I am a Visual/Kinesthetic learner. I would record teachers lectures (and never listen to them or fall asleep to them) or I would blankly read other peoples reviewers thinking that I am ‘studying’. However, now I understand that I was wasting my time. As a Visual/Kinesthetic learner, I learn quickly using diagrams, flashcards and figures. I learn computations by trying them out in various ways and I learn complex medical processes by seeing the flow of the process and not just reading it.

Everyone learns differently and if you apply your learning style instead of continuing to work with someone else’s, then it will take you all night to review all 20 amino acids/mechanism of actions of diuretics.

3. Controlling ‘Relaxing’ Time/Procrastination 

This is something I struggle with to this day. When I would get home from school, I would just throw my bag on the floor, open my laptop and the next thing I know is that it’s 11pm and I have 2 quizzes tomorrow.

My most effective way of controlling this sequence of events is to time myself as soon as I get home.

Timer starts now!

  • 7:00minutes – Make to-do list of what I need to get done tonight
  • 25:00minutes – Rest and relax
  • 5:00minutes – Set up for studying/being productive
  • 25:00minutes – Study for Quality Control Quiz

I learned this through the Pomdoro Technique. 25 minutes of being productive. 5 minute break. Do this 3 times then I earn a 15minute break.

I suggest modifying this technique to your span of attention. Try 25 minutes at first, but if you find yourself during the last 10 minutes dozing off or blanking out then shorten your productivity time but still keep the break short. And, if you find yourself on a roll, meaning that at 25minutes you want to keep going, then do it! It’s a great way to ‘trick’ yourself into being productive because you are accountable for the time you use.


These are my very basic tips for productivity. I am still learning and developing ways to be productive and if you have your own tips, please share :] and tell me if these tips are helpful to you.

‘Till next time!

The Beginning

Somewhere along the road, I got tired of being just a pharmacy student/pharmacist. In the last few years, I lost a sense of who I was by my focusing too much on my education. I was unhappy, unproductive and unfulfilled. Looking back, it is worth it but I would have done it differently.

Only recently I remembered, I’m not just a pharmacist. I’m a lover of life. I love actively experiencing any moment, simple and mundane to extraordinary. I am a reader, an explorer. I am a traveller at heart, I travel through pictures, books and one day in real life too.

I am an artist; I love to paint and to play piano. I am imagitive, creative and excited for everything around me! I love singing, dancing and moving.

I am a lover of food, it nourishes me and indulges me.

In my core, I am a student of life, learning from experiences and stories. I have opinions and interests that I cannot even encompass.

Why did I lose a part of myself for something that is a branch of life, but not life itself? I am passionate about my education and career but I never want to lose sight of what is really important to me.

My plans for this blog is to be a stress reliever, a creative outlet. A place to connect with friends and have them learn a different side of me. It will be a place to expand my mind and soul and to be myself, and not only my career.

Why MissCheerfulHips? Because I want to be happy and stay positive. Life is stressful, but it doesn’t mean I should be so hard on myself. Also because Cheerio happens to be the name of my cat. Hips because in the past few years, I have learned to embrace that yes, I am a pear-shaped woman. Seeing my body type as something positive and beautiful (through the help of my friends) has a profoundly positive effect on my life and self-esteem. This will be a way for me to look back at what I’ve learned and how I’ve changed and hopefully improve as a person.

Welcome to a glimpse of my life!